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I plan to make something about sakumiya, so i need to post this to make sure that there will be a continuation for this, since i'm such a lazy bum lol.

This is the first time i use this kind of style, well..not quite satisfied with the result but at least not disappointing either. I hope it will get better along the way. And i think i will stick with the white and black style because i'm suck at coloring things i like it :p

Until then..
I don't know when. I hope it won't be too long.

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My favorite from this fan art is nino sandal, and i only realize that the DS looks weird lol XD. I forget i should add more lines before i use the drawing pen
Oh, and i forget to say this on my lj, i have said this on my twitter and fb at the actual date though, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO-SAAAAN
May you always happy, and healthy. Please continue to giving us inspiration~
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another one of my doodles
the grey one

and the colored one

I don't know which one is better, but i'm not too confident with my coloring since i'm only using a simple editor, but oh, well...
I plan to do the rest remaining of the countdown days, but it will be depends on my mood~
I hope my mood will be good for the next days~
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just my doodle of shoxneko, because this two-shot is so lovely♡ and my journal is too empty lol


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