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My sakumiya heart is seriously at the peak right now!! Yesterday's WWG report were just so lovely.
It started with how Nino complain when he was being choosen to acted as the moon for Sho's lesson (at the 1st lesson) and not the stary sky date one, but at the 2nd lesson, finally Sho chose him as the date partner!! OMG! I was so happy~

When sho called Nino's name as the partner, Nino grabbed Sho's jacket hem from behind and they started to walked together. Sho said that it reminded him of Yamada Taro era. Also Sho kept calling Nino "Kazu". Ughh, my heart!!! Just how cute this two can be!! XDDD

Also when sho said this:
S: Kazu, before you ride the scales in the sky, look at the scales I rode. If you rode my scales, you will definitely go to heaven

Kyaaa~~ my heart!! Just can't!! They seriously know how to play with our heart XD
And the best thing is...

It's so great to see it by myself! OMG, I seriously want a DVD for this XD
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I plan to make something about sakumiya, so i need to post this to make sure that there will be a continuation for this, since i'm such a lazy bum lol.

This is the first time i use this kind of style, well..not quite satisfied with the result but at least not disappointing either. I hope it will get better along the way. And i think i will stick with the white and black style because i'm suck at coloring things i like it :p

Until then..
I don't know when. I hope it won't be too long.

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My favorite from this fan art is nino sandal, and i only realize that the DS looks weird lol XD. I forget i should add more lines before i use the drawing pen
Oh, and i forget to say this on my lj, i have said this on my twitter and fb at the actual date though, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO-SAAAAN
May you always happy, and healthy. Please continue to giving us inspiration~
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another one of my doodles
the grey one

and the colored one

I don't know which one is better, but i'm not too confident with my coloring since i'm only using a simple editor, but oh, well...
I plan to do the rest remaining of the countdown days, but it will be depends on my mood~
I hope my mood will be good for the next days~
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just my doodle of shoxneko, because this two-shot is so lovely♡ and my journal is too empty lol


Oct. 14th, 2013 11:53 am
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oh.. god... i think i fall in love with arashi... specially SHOOO-KUUN~~~!!!
i can't stop listening to their songs *the new one even for the old one*
*i hope it's not too late for me, eheheh*
Arafes'13 001
aah... my world become more beautiful after i know them... :)
credit pic: saobang2211


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