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The river of time flows stronger than we thought it would.
The one star that shines in the night sky. I want to get closer to where you are.
I want to hold your hand and stay by your side forever, like I always have and will.

To be truthful, I don’t think the five of you will get back together and resume activities like before.
It might be better to think of that as a wish that will never come true rather than just a sweet dream.
But I’m still dreaming that dream. When I close my eyes, I can’t help but see images of you together.

How could I ever tell you through my lips to fall into the eternal pits of hell for not being together.
When I know that I, as a fan, am like that one strand of hope for them.

You know, they say that shedding tears after parting is proof of an amazing love.
Is that why my, and our, hearts keep hurting like this and the tears won’t stop flowing?

I know that a future with the five together is so far, and so dangerous and hard to get to.
How could I ever forget each and every one of your gazes in a day?
I used to look for a star that would guide me, even when the sun was up.
But now, I can’t even find that strand of light, even when the darkness engulfs me…

I would rather choose a future believing you than a future with the five of you together.
I wonder what colors each of your individual dreams are. Blue like the ocean, white like the clouds, red … like us?

Yunho, Junsu, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yoochun.

So many things have happened.
I was happy to have been able to share with you the despondent, happy, sad, and joyous emotions you had.
I thank God every day for letting me share those emotions with you still, even now.
And I ask just one thing. Don’t come for us too late.

Though there are people who tell us that the love we’ve fallen for is foolish,
It’s not wrong to fall for a love so passionate that we become blind, right?

Yes, the ‘truth’ that people talk about, it’s true that I’ve seen it over and over again, and cried endlessly because of it.
But just because it exists, doesn’t mean that the past of me loving the five of you will disappear.
It’s true that I was wrought with the feeling of betrayal. But that does not change the ‘truth’ that lies within me.
I still like the five of you, and I still want to be the flame that lights up each and every one of the paths you take.

If I stand here and point fingers, curse and say you’ve betrayed us because the five of you aren’t together,
What makes me any different from SM and its dirty tactics?

The weather keeps getting colder, and my thoughts of you keep getting more earnest.
What is happiness to us?
…The five of you being together?
If so, does that mean we will be eternally unhappy if you don’t get together…

Synonyms for ‘To love’
To understand, to think of, to want to know, to long for, to miss… and the five of you.

Strange, isn’t it? The keyword may be different each time, but it always leads me to you in the end.
Because you are my beginning, and have become my dream, I pray for you today like I do every day.
Though my hands are getting colder and colder, my heart must still be reaching you well, right?
I want to believe in the possibilities of my inner strength. I can still hold on for longer, so I shouldn’t hesitate.

Walk on the path that you believe in, that is meant for you.
I will always be right here, in this spot, and be the flame that lights up each and every one of the paths you take.

Don’t forget that each and every person is like a strand of hope to the five of them.
Never forget that the five of them brought each and every strand of hope together to create miracles never before seen time and time again.

by. 시앙

Trans by: jeeelim5


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